The Obesity Solution

How is this Program different from a normal Diet?

Most of us have great difficulties in changing our habits, learning and implementing changes just through a theoretical venue! Therefore, reading about something won't give us the desired results. Understanding and application of knowledge is what's really needed. Also, where there is an overload of information, we tend to get lost. We cannot act, since there is so much information to choose from and process.

From Obese to Ease is designed to give you the knowledge that an overweight person needs, and a completely layed-out action plan to implement the knowledge and experience the weight loss and improved health effects. The information is given in a gradual manner, so that it can be properly understood and implemented for immediate weight loss results.

From Obese to Ease contains:

12 ebooks and audio-classes. You will move from one step to the other in a gradual manner that allows you to implement all the solutions to end obesity and provide you with sufficient time to get rid of all common obesity causes. This is not a race...This is the transistion to the new you, the you, you always wanted to be and now can be. What is important is that you completely work on one step and as soon as you feel comfortable with it, go further, at your own speed...

Obesity Causes, Obesity Treatment and Obesity Solutions

The causes of obesity are false information and beliefs, unfavorable eating/drinking habits and a sedentary lifestyle.

There are many so-called obesity treatments such as restricted diet approaches, magic pills, tools and gimmicks, cremes etc. or the more drastic surgical measures such as liposuction, tummy tucks (abdominoplasty) or gastric by-passes. All of which are one-sided short term and often radical approaches that merely treat obesity symptoms but fail to address the real obesity causes.

A real-world, lasting obesity solution must include an educational part that provides truthful information on particular causes of obesity. This new knowledge must be thoroughly understood and immediately put into action to reap the benefits. The benefits will appear as positive experience that change false beliefs and unfavorable habits.

A real solution to obesity provides honest, cutting-edge information and promotes informed dietary choices as well as doable, easy to follow physical activity.

And this is exactly what From Obese to Ease will do for you.

See below for some of the program contents.

The Solution to end Obesity for good! Obesity Solutions - Solutions No 1

Obesity Solutions - Solutions No 2

Obesity Solutions - Solutions No 3

Obesity Solutions - Solutions No 4

Expand Your Knowledge and Your Strength Obesity Solutions - Solutions No 5

Obesity Solutions - Solutions No 6

Obesity Solutions - Solutions No 7

Obesity Solutions - Solutions No 8

Reverse the Obesity Process forever Obesity Solutions - Solutions No 9

Obesity Solutions - Solutions No 10

Obesity Solutions - Solutions No 11

Obesity Solutions - Solutions No 12

"From Obese to Ease is a downloadable 12 Step audio and e-book program. Each step consists of 1 audio class and 1 ebook and will be accessible every 30 days. No physical products will be shipped."

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From Obese to Ease empowers! You will:

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